Tax Relief - Farmers - Blue Books!

The State Assembly - This Week

This week we approved plans to provide short and long-term relief to farmers and the agriculture industry in Wisconsin. We worked closely in a bi-partisan manner to craft this legislation. We also completed work on significant tax bills and I'm pleased to have taken a lead on SB 720 (AB 754). This bill seeks to keep taxation simple for individuals, and to help small business owners where processes and policies could be modified to help them.

When I chose to run for office I wanted to contribute in a positive way to policies that benefit our education system, the economy and our Wisconsin way of life. This week I joined my colleagues as we shared more of the work we've accomplished. Click the link or video below to watch.

Shadow For A Day

It was a pleasure to have Kenny Gould, a senior at The Prairie School join me this week to shadow on a busy day in the Capitol. He participated in an advocacy meeting with visitors from Society's Assets of Racine who shared their concern with us.

And I introduced him to the State Assembly as he watched the proceedings from the Assembly Gallery.

He toured some of the Capitol and then spent time in the Assembly Parlor observing the session behind the scenes.

Blue Books

The 2019-2020 Blue Books are still available from my office. Contact my office for your copy today!

I'll be delivering more Blue Books to requestors, schools, and local officials over the next weeks.

It's Tax Time!

As a "tax guy" I found this information from Department of Revenue Secretary Peter Barca to be very helpful.

Two helpful programs available through the DOR include: VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) and TCE - Tax Counseling for the Elderly. Both programs are operated in partnership with the IRS, and the TCE is also operated in conjunction with the AARP Tax-Aide Foundation.

Check out this link for more information and take advantage of these helpful opportunities for you and your family.