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Rep. Wittke's E-Update

The State Building Commission was on the road this week for their annual meeting at State Fair Park, West Allis. This year, Commissioners were able to review a completed Fair Park project that placed utility poles and lines below ground, levelled the Mall walkway for better accessibility, and added guest seating (see images above).

What is the State Building Commission and why is it important to both you and me? The Commission coordinates the State Building Program, and establishes a long-range plan for development and maintenance of the state’s physical property. It’s similar to running a household – HVAC needs repair or updating; roofs need replacement; buildings need remodeling or upgrading to fit various health and safety code changes, etc. – the Commission reviews the needs of state facilities and makes the decision for when each project will be completed!

The Governor is the chair of the eight member State Building Commission which includes one public member appointed by the Governor, three legislators from the State Assembly and three legislators from the State Senate. The Commission is subdivided into two subcommittees: a Higher Education Subcommittee and an Administrative Affairs Subcommittee. I serve on the Higher Education Subcommittee, so this year I took time to visit many UW Campuses to learn firsthand about their respective projects – you may recall I wrote about these tours in several of my e-updates this year.

The governor makes project recommendations in his capital budget and then the Commission reviews and approves which recommendations will be included in the full state budget. We started with $2.3 billion in project recommendations - one of the largest financial pieces of the biennial budget. When the Commission work was completed we recommended $1.5 billion in total bonding for approved projects.

If you’re interested in more details about the importance of the State Building Program and Commission you may find information here. As always, I welcome your comments and questions.

Commissioner Rob Swearingen and I stopped by the Travel Wisconsin booth at State Fair Park.


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