Floor Session and More

Careers Industries

Recently, Sen. Wanggaard and I had the opportunity to visit Careers Industries in Racine, a community-based facility providing employment, educational and life experiences for people with disabilities. It was an honor to meet Executive Director Joe Greene and his team, who assist in seeing that everyone has a chance to work and have fulfilling life experiences.

UW-O Tour of CLOW Hall

This week, I had the opportunity to tour UW Oshkosh's CLOW Hall along with my colleagues Reps. Swearingen and Schraa. CLOW Hall's renovation looks to upgrade classrooms, computer labs and study spaces for the College of Education and Human Services.

Each tour has provided important information and insight into our state’s infrastructure needs. I look forward to advocating for some of our most urgent and important projects in the Capitol Budget.

On Tuesday, May 11, the State Assembly passed legislation to address concerns for our growing elderly population. I am pleased to have supported each of these bills; caring for our most vulnerable population is a priority to me.

Elder abuse is a growing concern. Reporting of physical, emotional and financial abuses are on the rise. Assembly Bills 44, 45, and 46 will strengthen existing law and empower frontline financial workers to take necessary steps to protect vulnerable and disabled individuals. From my own experience, a loved one was duped into paying significant monies to “save a grandson who was traveling abroad”. If these protections had been in place, a financial institution could have stepped in to halt a questionable transfer of funds and my loved one would have avoided the significant loss of retirement income.

The bills, which were drafted following the work of Attorney General Schimel’s Task Force on Elder Abuse, are now in the State Senate.

Assembly Bill 173 (AB 173), as passed by the State Assembly this week, will prevent organizations from using dark money and personnel to attempt to influence the administration of our elections. Wisconsin experienced an influx of millions of dollars from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to contribute to the costs of running the 2020 election. Monies were directed to a select few Wisconsin cities, including Racine, and each city had to agree to follow the rules of Zuckerberg's group. That influence has voters calling for reforms to ensure Wisconsin elections are free and fair.

Changes to Wisconsin election law with passage of AB 173 would mean outside money would go through the Wisconsin Elections Commission for allocation to local governments on a per-capita basis so every local election would get their fair share of the funding.

Spring Survey

It’s biennial budget time once again. Governor Evers’ budget proposal is now being reviewed by the State Legislature, and the Budget Writing Committee (JFC) completed a statewide tour to gather input from state residents. I too have held several budget town halls and now need your input via this budget survey. What are your budget priorities for the 2021-23 biennial budget? Most state money is directed to K-12 education followed by Health and Human Services. Please share your thoughts by completing this survey online at www.repwittke.com.